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Ceremonial Objects


Used for welcoming Shabbat and the festivals. A blessing is usually recited after the candles are lit.


The Hebrew word for "protection," a chuppah is a cloth supported by four poles held over the bride and groom during the marriage ceremony. Its boundaries symbolize the newlyweds' new life and home together, while its lack of walls suggests the couple's openness to family, friends and the community. See Chapter 14, Simchas & Celebrations, for sales and rental information.


A marriage contract, customarily signed before and read during the marriage ceremony.

Kiddush Cup

On Shabbat and holidays, a blessing is recited over a cup of wine.

Kippah or Yarmulke

Worn to show reverence for God. May be worn during worship, study or eating. Some Jews wear a kippah at all times.

Menorah (Chanukiah)

The Hebrew word for candelabrum, a menorah, has six, seven or eight branches, and is often used as a Jewish symbol. An eight-branch menorah with an added space for a ninth candle--the shamash--is called a chanukiah and is used to kindle the lights during Chanukah.


Holds the handwritten scroll on which passages from Deuteronomy are inscribed. Generally affixed to the frame of the front door, and often to other door frames in the home. A symbol of a Jewish home.

Seder Plate

Used to display the various symbols of Passover during the seder.


Four-cornered prayer shawl whose tzizit, or knotted fringes, remind Jews of God's omnipresence and commandments. The fringes are often white to symbolize purity.


Small leather boxes worn around the head and arm during weekday morning prayers that contain the Sh'ma and other passages that serve to remind Jews of the mitzvot that bind them to God.

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